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Is blogspot [www.blogspot.com] for personal blog/journals?

I always see mainly "opinionated" blogs and nothing personal. Or like photography blogs, too. I just wanna know. Because I made one... but its personal. Is it out of context? I can't find ONE other "personal" blog/journal on there!

happy trees

... feisty ...

I changed my betta's water tonight and he started dying! There's nothing that I did different than I usually do. I put it the same temperature as I usually do and I put that water conditioner stuff in it. But instead of happily swimming around like he usually does, he didn't like it and has been gasping for air ever since. So, I went down to ask my roommate if their water was different or something because I know they've messed with the water in the condos a couple weeks ago. He said no but he gave me this oxygenator thing that oxygenates the water. I watched him for about 10 more minutes but he was still gasping. I don't wanna watch him dies, so I had to turn the lights off.

I'm sad. I hope he's still alive when I wake up.

Just keep swimming Feisty... just keep swimming!

happy trees

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Going to Disneyland on Sunday.
Got the annual pass.

Chopped my hair off. Still getting used to that. Everyone likes it but if I get another Fantasia Barino comment I'm gonna scream. Maybe not... but anyway, I'm glad people like it.

Spring Break is here. Did shittily on some midterms this week but hopefully things will turn around after I move outta this place and stop worrying so much about money. Moving next weekend.

Welp, going to the moooovies soon. So I gotta eat some cereal and finish picking up my room. Mmmmhm.
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Alright, I feel better because Kimberly got a 92 on that stupid test. I'm happy-er.

I'm really hungry too though.
And tired.

But I need to study. Well, maybe just a small nap...?
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